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Rob Petrovich



Unleash Your Brand’s Full Potential!


You now have the means to maximize your brand’s full potential.

Our proprietary Brand Emergence 6P Process worksheet is the guide marketers of any level can use to help them better evaluate their brands. With it, you’ll learn how to move your brand from one that stands still to one that stands out. The 6Ps discussed include:

  • Purpose – What action are you trying to achieve?
  • Problem – What is the marketing problem the communication is trying to solve?
  • Promise – What are you delivering to your customers in order to create brand value?
  • People – Who is it you’re trying to connect to?
  • Proposition – This is the illumination, the insight, the connection your brand has been looking for.
  • Plan – How are you going to bring the insight to life?

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be more focused in how to implement brand communication, have a better understanding of your target, their desires and needs, develop a solid communication strategy, begin establishing your brand’s creative platform, successfully compete in a crowded marketplace, and increase profits and overall brand value.

Understand that this worksheet is only a tool. In order for a brand to truly get off the ground, it must be surrounded by a coterie of marketing professionals committed to creating Ideas that manifest its dormant potential.

Your Brand Is Bigger Than You Think. Let’s discuss what it can be. Talk to us today.