Monsanto – Commodity Classic Trade Show Booth

Agriculture / Technology / Experience

Commodity Classic provided the proving grounds for a new trade show booth concept – one that delivered a succinct message through a single, consistent story.

The theme for the booth was “What Can Your Fields Do? A Lot More.” It was a farmer-focused message that offered solutions in important categories, including Advanced Technology, Breeding Innovations and Management Practices. The entire booth was responsible for delivering this new message. From the first point of entry to each individual brand poster, guests were told a consistent, powerful story that was reinforced by each brand throughout the booth.

By wrapping the Monsanto story around a story that was relevant to the farmer – “What Can Your Fields Do? A Lot More.” – we were able to align multiple product benefits with one overall advantage, which was that our brands can help farmers unleash the potential in their acres and make them more successful.

This progressive and dynamic booth concept brought a single-minded take away to multiple products, which made customers’ experience simple and memorable, along with other advantages, such as:

Portability– The booth was created in multiple modules (Advanced Technology, Breeding Innovations, Management Practices and stage area) to make them easy to transport, while providing flexibility for a variety of shows.

Meeting Growth– Being flexible and scalable was an important focus of consideration in case it was necessary to add more category sections or reduce topics depending on the show it would be used at. The success enjoyed at Commodity Classic can now be replicated at other various farm shows, including meeting the needs of larger audiences, like at this year’s Farm Progress Show.

Upgradable– The concept “What Can Your Fields Do? A Lot More.” is scalable and allows for the addition of multiple products and categories to fit seamlessly under this over-arching message, while delivering a consistent farmer-focused message.

Overall, by keeping the customer in mind, and delivering a theme that was relevant to the target, we helped deliver one of the most successful trade show experiences in Monsanto’s history. It increased traffic, showed our competitors who’s boss and left a clear, single-minded takeaway that was easy for our farmer-customers to digest.