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Here’s an actual email from the head of the agency I was working for at the time. I was hired to help “turn this account around” and I did that. [Names have been hidden to protect the innocent.]
From: Agency Owner
Subject: WEO!- Success is SWEET!
Hi Team!
[BLANK] and I met with [CLIENT] today and the team got HUGE kudos. We have turned this account around. They are extremely happy and are committed to [AGENCY]. We need to keep delivering the quality of work and hitting the deadlines.
If you see a WEO team mate, give them a high five! I think this calls for a celebration, so if someone does the beer run on Friday, I will buy!

This is an excerpt from an email that my client sent me early in our relationship:

“I did too, Rob, I felt energized by the meeting which is always a good sign.  And the time flew for me.  I would really appreciate a chance to check-in creatively on a monthly basis with you, that would be great…I humbly appreciate your contribution, energy & creativity. I feel excited about what’s possible.”

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