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Rob Petrovich


About Rob Petrovich

Rob Is A “Method” Writer

In the same way actors create in themselves the thoughts and feelings of their characters to bring about a more believable performance, Rob also relies on a “method” approach to writing. He puts himself into many roles, depending on the brand and the audience he is connecting to. Because of that, he immerses himself into his ideas in multiple copy styles and tones, including humor, casual, emotional, serious, informal, straightforward, comical, impassioned, loose, plainspoken, simple – but always smart. It’s his ability to get into the mindset of any audience to create communication that is both relevant and believable, that makes him one of the most flexible copywriters around.

Rob Is Imaginative, Passionate, Strategic And Many Other Positive Adjectives

Rob is a copywriter with 13 years of experience in creating, executing and selling world-class marketing and brand strategies. Recognized as an effective creative leader and thinker, he uses a “marketing first, creative second” approach to solving business problems, which has worked for clients such as the U.S. Army, Bacardi, Monsanto, Saint Louis Zoo, Marlboro, General Motors, Solutia, Federal Ammunition and more.

Rob Speaks “Consumer” Fluently

He didn’t learn it from how-to CDs. He never even studied abroad. Rob learned how to create ideas that connect through hard work. As a copywriter, Rob makes it his job to turn a creative brief into communication customers will respond to. He takes what his clients want to say and translates it into something their customers want to hear. Over the years, he’s been able to connect and influence all kinds of consumers, whether they were soldiers, farmers, engineers, moms, hunters, bankers or smokers looking to quit the habit. And he’s done this all without the help of a Rosetta Stone.

Below Are A Few Of The Areas Rob Feels He’s Pretty Good At:

Broadcast, including radio and television
Promotions and Sweepstakes
Event Marketing
Strategic Planning
Naming and Brand Development
Digital Marketing
Marketing Consultation
Basically, content and anything that needs a message.

Here Are A Few Industries Rob Understands Really Well:

Beverage (Adult & Soda)
Consumer Services
Pet Food
Rental Car

A Little Bit More About Rob

Rob is a St. Louis, MO, resident and a graduate of Purdue University. He’s been creating unforgettable advertising since 1998, first, as a copywriter for Leo Burnett in Chicago, then as a senior creative at multiple agencies in St. Louis. He’s married, has one beautiful daughter, and is a huge fan of old comic books and video arcade games. He listens to the Judybats, Too Much Joy, Connell’s and has Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth in all 6 of his car’s CD slots.

Download Rob’s Resume Here.