Your Brand Is Bigger Than You Think.

I’d like to just make sure you’re aware that your brand is a lot bigger than you probably think it is.

As a matter of fact, it’s downright humongous.

A brand is not its color pallet.

A brand is not its design elements.

And a brand is not its logo.

That stuff, although important, are only triggers—mnemonic devices—that help reveal to a prospect those feelings and opinions they already have stored about your brand.

A brand doesn’t need pretty colors or fancy design elements to be engaging—only an honest and interesting narrative.

A brand doesn’t need a bigger logo to get noticed—just something large enough to take all the credit for when it does.

But forget that stuff.

When you get to the core of what a brand stands for, you can move past all the gimmicks and focus on what’s important: Staking a claim on that important piece of real estate inside the consumer’s mind.

And to do that you need Ideas!

And the reason for that is simple: People first buy into ideas. Then they buy products that deliver on those promises.

It takes a proven marketer with experience and know-how to consistently create selling Ideas that move people, as well as product.

Problem-solving and creating big marketing Ideas is what I’ve dedicated my career to.

So, give your brand a competitive advantage and go with a proven marketer who consistently delivers world-class Creative Ideas and strategies.

Rob Petrovich Marketing doesn’t make ads.

We build Brands.

There’s a difference.

Rob Petrovich Marketing

Your Brand Is Bigger Than You Think.

Let’s discuss what it can be.

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