Branding Is Knowing Which Cattle To Steal.

Long ago, the story goes, a cattle rancher burned a mark into his cattle’s hides–a brand–to ensure other ranchers would know they belonged to him.

That was the beginning of branding.

But, unfortunately for some brands, that’s also where it ends.

What a lot of marketers forget is that branding is invisible.

It’s how people feel about that brand (logo) of yours.

That is true branding.

A logo is only a trigger, a mnemonic device of sorts that helps prompt those feelings customers and prospects believe about you and your product.

A logo is just another piece of communication, but one that’s inherently personal to the prospect.

Now, back to our cattle rancher.

For example, let’s say some cattle rustlers were in the mood to steal some cattle.

When they got there, they noticed two different brands mixed in among the cattle.

One brand was from Rancher A, a decent man who would probably just be upset at his bad fortune and just move on with his life.

While the other brand, Rancher B, was a son-of-a-bitch who they knew would shoot them dead if he ever found them.

Obviously, if the cattle rustlers were going to steal cattle, they would take them from Rancher A.

When you look at it that way, ‘branding’ went beyond identifying the marks on the cattle.

Their decision was based solely on what they knew each brand represented.

After all, there were no visible signs telling them how each Rancher would react. No ads, no brochures or videos, just a brand.

But that’s where it gets its power.


Your Brand Is Bigger Than You Think.

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