There Are Three Brands Found In Every Ad, And The Client’s Logo Is Only One Of Them.

This may come as a surprise, but the logo you see at the end of a commercial or on a print ad is not the only brand being advertised.

It’s just the most obvious.

There happen to be two other brands involved in the making of every communication piece. They’re a little harder to identify but are important, none the less.

Like the marketing agency that created it.

That’s the second brand.

The ideal marketing partner brings a unique perspective when it comes to solving the client’s marketing problem and executing that solution in a way that resonates with prospects.

Each piece of communication is a reflection of the agency’s overall creative capabilities, philosophy and its strategic thinking.

So, it’s imperative to consistently execute a solid strategy to the best of your abilities.

But it’s the third brand that makes it all possible—the team behind the work.

It’s the account service people, the art directors and copywriters—with direction from great clients—who reach for the stars and try to deliver top-notch communication pieces, assignment after assignment.

When you have a great brand, a great approach and great people, and when all three brands are working together, success is inevitable. Prospects respond. Registers ring. Everyone’s happy.

If you’re a business and in the market for a partner like this, please give us a call.

We’d love to discuss what your brand could be.

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