How To Write Headlines Better Than This One.

Have you ever wondered how those marketing people think up such smart and clever commercials? Well, I do too, and I write advertising for a living. But I still find myself marveling at some of the great ideas I see out there.

So, what is it that makes a commercial, billboard, post, etc. great? To have a great ad, you need to have a great idea.

Great ideas grab people. They force people to take notice and listen to what a brand has to say. Too many times a message is lost because no one paid any attention to it. To be noticed, an idea must be different, fresh and on target. Basically, if you can express what is different about a product or service in a unique way, you’re going to find success most of the time.

I read this in a book and I always thought it was cool: ‘People don’t purchase marketing strategies–they first buy into ideas, and then they buy products that deliver on those promises.’

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